Building capabilities and confidence for inclusive leadership



Our coaching services help individuals and teams develop the understanding and capabilities needed to build on employee and customer diversity.

Executive coaching

Our experienced coaches help individuals develop their performance and careers.

Inclusive leadership coaching

We help aspiring and current leaders develop commitment, confidence and capabilities to build inclusion into their decision-making and leadership approach and to work positively with diversity – across colleagues, team members, customers, organisations and cultures. We provide coaches who are accredited as Implicitly © testers by Hogrefe.

“Gillian’s diversity coaching skills have propelled real awareness and change in her coachees.” Head of Diversity, Professional Services

Inclusive team coaching

We help team members understand how diversity impacts performance and develop an inclusive approach to support improved outcomes for their team, their customers and the organisation.

Inclusion and diversity practitioner coaching

Our coaches are highly experienced in organisation change and diversity and provide specialist coaching support to diversity and inclusion practitioners who are developing this area of work in their own organisation.

“Gillian was incredibly professional, empowering and inclusive in her coaching, mentoring style and approach. It was nice to be able to talk about mental health inequalities amongst black and minority ethnic service users with someone who really understood the issues but also encouraged you to tell your own story.” Senior Manager, Health Sector