Supporting the development of inclusive organisations



Our consultancy services help clients develop, implement and evaluate inclusion and diversity strategies in support of organisational goals.

Inclusion and Diversity Strategy

We work with clients who want to develop or refresh their inclusion and diversity strategies establishing:

  • how inclusion and diversity can support delivery of corporate strategy and goals
  • inclusion and diversity strengths to build upon and priorities for improvement
  • clear inclusion and diversity objectives and performance indicators
  • actions that will make the most impact and yield the greatest return on investment in inclusion and diversity, and
  • a clear and achievable cost effective action plan.

We can also help ensure business strategies, such as marketing, customer service or procurement are inclusive.

“Gillian’s broad experience and expertise was instrumental in helping us create a robust and effective diversity strategy three years ago. So successful was the strategy and the measurable objectives, we have invited her back to help us renew it.” Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Professional Services

Inclusive Leadership

We provide a range of services to help develop inclusive leaders with the confidence and capability to build on the strengths and opportunities presented by employee and customer diversity. Our approach builds on the results of our inclusive leadership research:

  • Developing inclusive leaders through our programmes, master classes, workshops and coaching
  • Building systems and providing tools to recruit, develop and promote inclusive leaders
  • Equipping human resources, talent and leadership development professionals with the skills and knowledge to develop inclusive leaders internally
  • Embedding inclusion in an organisation’s culture

“Working with Shapiro Consulting this year on the Connect Inclusive Leadership programme was a truly rewarding experience both as board member individuals and as a whole board. Their approach was to support and facilitate and never to make us feel inadequate. Their style brought out the best in the board and we came away with an action plan that was both ambitious and achievable. As a result of working with Gillian and her team I can comfortably say the leaders in my trust can bridge the gap between service demands and delivery and ensuring equal treatment for all.” Director, Health Organisation

Engaging with diverse employees and customers

We undertake employee and customer consultations using a range of methods including interviews, focus groups, surveys and large group events. The results and recommendations help clients tailor internal communication and development processes as well as products, services, sales and marketing approaches for maximum impact and return.

“We all tend to think diversity and inclusion is an easy subject to discuss and paticularly that senior decision makers are comfortable and confident with the agenda. We have learnt that this simply isn’t the case and Gilly and Sarah have helped us on our journey.  They are exceptional in their ability to connect, engage and influence at all levels which is paramount when often the employees are more comfortable and well versed in this area than their senior teams .  For us they got to the  real roots of what will help us move on to the next stage of building a diverse and inclusive organisation, helping us build support at the most senior level and target actions that were specifically right for us. It is no coincidence we have grown at speed as an inclusive employer since working with them.”  Head of Culture and Inclusion, Financial Services Sector.

Benchmarking and Reviews

We help clients identify their inclusion and diversity strengths, and priorities for improvement. Our tried and tested benchmarking model helps compare performance internally across departments or divisions, and externally with other organisations.

“Gillian consistently steered our organisation to position diversity as a core strategic issue. She developed an online questionnaire that we used as part of a large-scale project to benchmark the film industry. This enabled us to measure success in meeting a range of diversity priorities and goals.” Media executive

Change programmes

Our experienced change consultants can design and deliver programmes to help organisations increase inclusion and diversity.
Our programmes are themselves diverse and always tailored to our clients specific needs. They include, for example introducing:

  • Flexible work systems and culture
  • Career development programmes for women and minority ethnic employees
  • Employee network groups
  • Inclusive approaches to talent management
  • Skills development to minimise unconscious bias in decision-making.
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